Help to get your child ready for school

To support parents, Calderdale PHEYS Health Visitors and Calderdale School Nurses have worked together with partner agencies to produce a parents’ leaflet for School Readiness.

The leaflet gives simple advice on issues including immunisations, self care and how to support children’s social and communications development.

school readiness leaflet cover

A recent survey of school leaders by NAHT and Family and Childcare Trust highlighted concerns around children’s readiness for school.

Key findings:

  • Four fifths of respondents (83 per cent) said that they believed that there is an issue with the school readiness of some pupils starting school.
  • 86 per cent believed school readiness has become worse over the past five years.
  • 24 per cent said that more than half of the intake was not school ready.
  • Speech, language and communication issues were of greatest concern with 97 per cent of respondents identifying this as a problem and almost half (47 per cent) saying it was the most significant.
  • Two thirds (67 per cent) said one of the likely reasons children are not school ready is a failure to identify and support additional needs early enough.
  • 66 per cent said that parents had fewer available resources or that there are more pressures on family life.

Please download a copy of the leaflet by clicking here.

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