Calderdale Update

The latest edition of the Locala Calderdale Update has been issued to schools and GPs.

You can find a copy here. The Autumn Term edition includes information on

  • An overview of the Health Visiting Offer
  • Getting Ready for Baby Classes
  • Well Baby Clinics
  • Weaning Groups
  • Breastfeeding peer support
  • School nursing
  • Public Health campaigns

Calderdale newsletter – FINAL – Autumn 2018

World Breastfeeding Week

Calderdale Breastfeeding volunteers provide 150 hours of support to new mums every month.

Baby Cafe
In support of World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August) and the recent UK Breastfeeding Week, Locala’s team of Breastfeeding Peer Supporters were out and about raising awareness about the services they provide to new mums in Calderdale.
Calderdale Breastfeeding Peer Supporters are volunteers who have breastfed a child for at least four months, and support mums in locations including Children’s Centres, hospitals and Baby Café’s, as well as providing support over the phone and home visits. There are currently 56 volunteer Breastfeeding Peer Supporters in Calderdale, providing around 150 hours of support every month.  The team often work alongside Midwives and Health Visitors helping mothers to achieve their breastfeeding goals.
The Peer Supporters visited Todmorden Children’s Centre, where the breastfeeding group held a Women’s Health morning. Mums were treated to a free back massage and received information and support from Physiotherapists regarding after birth recovery, and had the opportunity to ask questions and access the support offered by the Breastfeeding Peer Supporters.
The team also visited Calderdale Baby Café, Jubilee Children’s Centre, Wellholme Park Children’s Centre, Boothtown Children’s Centre and Illingworth Children’s Centre.
If you would like to receive support from one of the team contacting our telephone helpline on 07920466660 or attend one of the breastfeeding support groups. Mums also have the opportunity to speak to Peer Supporters in hospital, Baby Cafés and antenatal clinics. More information can be found on the Infant Feeding section of the Locala website, here
If you would like help make a difference and share your skills and experience why not join the Peer Support Team. One of the Calderdale Peer Supporters who has recently left the service to pursue midwifery training said: ‘Over the last 5 years I have had the pleasure of supporting mums with breastfeeding in lots of locations. It has made me want to support mums more around this amazing time of pregnancy and birth. What we do as peer supporters is amazingly simple, we listen without judgement!’

If you are able to volunteer around 2 -3 hours each week Locala would like to hear from you. More information can be found on the Locala website here:

Influencing healthy eating habits through early years settings

New example menus and recipes have been published to help early years providers plan healthy, tasty meals for young children.

The resources have been jointly developed by the Department for Education, the Department of Health and Public Health England, with advice from a panel of early years and nutrition experts including the British Nutrition Foundation.This series of example menus and associated guidance has been developed to support early years settings (such as nurseries and childminders) to offer food and drink in line with current government dietary recommendations for infants and children aged 6 months to 4 years.  The documents include example menus and useful information for early years settings to help show how they can meet the Early Years Foundation Stage welfare requirement to provide ‘healthy, balanced and nutritious’ meals for children.


New clinic locations for Lower Valley

Monday am Tuesday am Weds am Thurs am Fri
Stainland Road (GP)GREETLAND 10.30-12.00 Elland CC ELLAND 09.00-11.00(Tiny Treasures CC activity) Wellholme CC BRIGHOUSE 09.30-11.30(Tiny Treasures CC activity)
Monday pm Tuesday pm Weds pm Thurs pm Fri
Shelf Clinic (GP) 1st & 3rd of the month SHELF  13.30-14.30 (CARITAS) Field Lane Children’s Centre RASTRICK  (Tiny Treasures CC activity)13.30-15.00

Northowram and Shelf Children’s Centre NORTHOWRAM 13.00-15.00

Whinney Hill Community Centre LYDGATE 12.30-14.00(Messy Monkeys Wellholme CC activity     09.15-10.45





Health visiting team supports Childminder Conference

childminder conference

Health visitors from the Calderdale PHEYS team were out and about last weekend at a Childminder conference which was attended by both Childminders and early years workers in Calderdale – all around the theme of ‘Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds’.

The team promoted information on Vitamin D, the pharmacy minor ailments scheme and breastfeeding.

The minor ailments scheme particularly  prompted lots of interest – this is available for families to access treatment for minor ailments via their local pharmacy and is open to anyone who doesn’t normally have to pay for prescriptions from their GP – for example because they’re under 16, over 60 or on benefits.  This reduces GP appointment times and allows those most vulnerable to access treatments at the point of need without being financially disadvantaged.

Look out for the team at future events across the community.